Setting a new standard.

Buildings matter. We call them home, the office, school, and everything in between. In buildings, we live. They are the encapsulation of our lives and the backdrop of our fondest memories. A building is no small undertaking. It takes planning, detail, design, coordination, engineering, and a whole lot of time and love to build something - and we respect that - which is why we've decided to create the future of building materials.

For too long materials have dictated the possibilities of a building. Current building materials are fundamentally flawed - material slogans such a "now with less Formaldehyde" or "now with more recycled material" are accepted as an improvement. At BLK LDG we disagree. How about "now with no Formaldehyde"? Or "never had any Formaldehyde"? Or "who would ever consider putting hazardous chemicals in the materials that surround us"?
So let's talk about the elephant in the studio. Buildings are expensive. Materials are expensive. Sustainable and responsible materials even more so, and quite frankly, they tend to under-perform. At BLK LDG we're dedicated to making materials that out-perform and are designed to save you money.


Our material naturally has a tensile strength 3x stronger than steel.


In fact, it's 97% air. It's that light.


Sourced entirely from industry waste streams. We re-use plant waste from yards, farms, mills, gardens - anywhere plants are thrown out.


Safe enough you could eat it. No air or ground water pollutants, and a biodegradable end-of-life cycle.

See the BLK LDG effect:

We're excited to share what we've been working on with the world. We're still hard at work fine tuning our product, but we want to share with you the effect our products will have.


  • Building materials containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gas hazardous emissions over time that are associated with negative health effects.
  • Formaldehyde is one of the most common VOCs found in building materials and has been listed by the EPA as a potential cancer risk.
  • A typical office space, school, or hospital, contains 2 oz. of Formaldehyde per square foot. BLK LDG has none.

Carbon Footprint

  • Unlike existing materials, such as gypsum and fiberglass, our products do not require mining to extract their raw constituents.
  • Mining operations generate hundreds of thousands of tons in CO2 emissions, but plant-based waste materials are effectively carbon neutral.
  • Using our material significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Renewable Resources

  • Creating this material from industrial waste is like turning trash to treasure.
  • The fact that this waste comes from plants means that the material can be returned to the soil, and restart the cycle of growth.
  • Using renewable resources also means the supply is endless, and this leads to a more affordable product.


  • Buildings are expensive, especially green ones. Typically sustainable materials increase costs and reduce efficiency.
  • We've designed our materials to be the opposite - to outperform and cost less.
  • All of our materials are ASTM compliant.

Who we are

We're passionate about what we do - making great things. Our current team is highly talented, with backgrounds ranging from design to accounting and everything in between. Our advisory board has amassed over 50 years in the design and construction industry - and we've gotten support from some amazing organizations along the way.

Let's Talk!

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